Evening Wedding Disco

You’ve tied the knot and are now married, the ceremony was beautiful, Wedding breakfast delicious and now you’re ready for the Evening wedding disco  and to strut your stuff on the dancefloor , bust out some shapes and have a really great night at your evening wedding disco reception.

This is where we come in to it. If you only need a DJ in the evening of your reception then no problem! Having worked at many of Derbyshire’s top Wedding venues including Shottle Hall, Tissington Hall,  Cressbrook Hall and the West Mill to name a few. We’ll arrive while the room is “turned” if your evening reception is in the same room as the Wedding breakfast. If it’s in a separate room your Wedding DJ will be set up ready to welcome you and your guests, introduce you for your first dance and then get everyone on the dancefloor with you.

The usual playing time is 7.30pm- Midnight but these timings can be tailored to your specific requirements. As with all our events you’ll have written confirmation of your booking, peace of mind knowing that your dealing with a full-time professional business and full access to the Client Area on the website. Once your booking is confirmed you’ll be sent your login details to your event planner. In here you can make up a playlist of “Must” plays, play “If possible” and “Do not” plays! You can also check timings, see what payments have been made when the balance is due and a lot more besides.

We encourage you to have a chat with Paul your Dj before the big day whether this is on the phone or in person is entirely your choice. That way you know that all the right songs will be played and none of the “No Way” tracks make it through! In your planning area there are various tools to help you with timelines, song choices et al.

The cost of the evening disco /Dj service as shown above is £525.